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Khao Kho
Khao Kho


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Category : Mountain (Doi)

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Khao Kho includes various small and large mountains of the Phetchabun range in Khao Kho district. The reason it is called “Khao Kho” is because there are a lot of “Ton Kho” – Mountain Serdang (Livistona speciosa). Due to the chilly temperature throughout the year, and its coolness in the winter with beautiful scenery, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Phetchabun.

Khao Kho comprises complex mountain ranges. Its summit is 1,174 metres above sea level. Khao Ya is 1,290 metres, while Khao Yai is 865 metres. Moreover, there is Khao Takhian Ngo, Khao Hin Tang Bat, Khao Huai Sai and Khao Um Phae. The forests in this area are deciduous dipterocarp forest, pine forest and evergreen forest. The interesting point is the plants in the Family Palmae which seem like the Asian Palmyra Palm, but they bear fruits in bunches similar to betel nuts. Although, at present a large area of forests has already been cut down, some are still to be seen.
Interesting attractions at Khao Kho are as follows:
The Haw Memorialis a memorial statue for the militiamen from the Special Forces, Division 93, who helped fight within the Khao Kho area and died. It is located a little after Km. 23 on Highway 2196.

Than Itthi (Weapon Museum) is situated a bit after Km. 28 on Highway 2196. Turn right into Highway 2323 for 3 kilometres. It is a viewpoint where beautiful scenery can be seen and was once an important strategic base in the past. At present, it is a weapon museum, displaying the cannons, military tank remains and weapons used in the battle on Khao Kho. There is also a briefing room for a group visit. It is open daily, costing 10 Baht a person.

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