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Kanchanaburi Safari Park
Kanchanaburi Safari Park


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Operating time: 09.00 - 17.00

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Category : Zoos and Aquariums

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Safari Open Zoo is the first open zoo in Kanchanaburi, which is located at Boh Ploy District, 40 kilometers away from Kanchanaburi city centre. Straight from the city centre on highway 323 then turn right on highway 3398 then turn right again on highway 3098 for about 21 kilometers and the Safari Open Zoo’s billboard is on the left-hand side. Safari Open Zoo is an open zoo similar to Safari World, which is divided into 7 zones.

Zone 1: Deer and Antelope Section

It is an exhibition area of deer and antelope pedigrees such as herd of white fallow deer and fallow deer. As well as antelopes from African and India; such as, greater kudu, eland, and blackbuck.

Zone 2: Bear Section

It is an exhibition area of Asian black bear or Tibetan black bear. 

Zone 3: Tiger Section

It is an exhibition area of bengal tiger.

Zone 4: Lion Section

It is an exhibition area of southeast African lion.

Zone 5: Cheetah Section

It is an exhibition area of the cheetahs.

Zone 6: Big Animals Section 1

It is an exhibition area of large herbivores such as sambar deer, spot-billed pelican and painted stork, bison, chital, hog deer, emu, and various animals.

Zone 7: Big Animals Section 2

It is also an exhibition area of herbivores such as Somali giraffe, zebra, ostrich, dromedary camel, lama, and flamingo, for examples.


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It is 40 km. from the town on Highway 3086 (Kanchanaburi-Bo Phloi). When getting to Km. 21, the direction sign to the safari park will be on the left

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