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Dan Kwian Pottery OTOP Village
Dan Kwian Pottery OTOP Village

Nakhon Ratchasima

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Operating time: 08.30 - 16.30

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    21, Moo 4, Dan Kwian subdistrict, Chok Chai district, Nakorn R

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Category : Village, Community, Art & Craft Centres

Attraction Details :

Dan Kwian Pottery OTOP village is one of Dan Kwian subdistrict, Chok Chai district. When you think about well-known OTOP (One Tombon One Product) pottery dolls or potteries, Dan Kwian pottery will definitely be on the top list. Dan Kwian pottery has been well-known for a long time since they are unique, strong and beautiful. The products are also of high varieties and have become the popular products in the market widely.

At present, the village has Dan Kwian pottery on both sides of the Mon river which is on the East of the village. The features of Dan Kwian pottery is the soil used in making. The soil is sticky soil with fine texture from Mon river basin. The area where villagers dig is called Kud or Duan river (the curvy river will slightly eat the Mon river basin and cause Duan river. The area which is affected will be piled up layer-by-layer. Therefore, the soil has unique qualification which is easily built into shapes, strength, endurance to burning, cause no curves or cracks and when the soil is burnt, 

it will give red color which may be caused from Iron Oxide.

The unqiue features of Dan Kwian pottery is the new strange feature of the product appearance. The key point is the product should be strong and the texture should be beautifully shiny. No other pottery can be made like this 

since the soil Dan Kwian villagers use is from the Mon river basin which is the sticky soil with rich iron component. 

The special feature is when it is burnt with extremely hot temperature, the iron oxide and other minerals will be melt and cover the product’s texture. Therefore, the color will be natural shiny black or red-brown which is called Lerd Plalai (Eel’s blood) which is granted as the most beautiful color.

Dan Kwian Pottery OTOP Village, Dan Kwian district Administration Organization is located at 21, Moo 4, Dan Kwian subdistrict, Chok Chai district, Nakorn Ratchasima province, 30190. Please contact Khun Somchai Loturit Tel. 08-1730-6710.


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How to get there :

By Car

Dan Kwian Pottery OTOP Village is 15 kilometers away from the city on Highway Number 224 

(Nakorn Ratchasima – Chok Chai). It is around 15 kilometers from Korat city on Highway Number 224. 


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