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Ban Na Samai
Ban Na Samai


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Operating time: 08.00 - 06.00

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    Ban Na Samai Ban Na Samai

    Amphoe Mueang, Yasothon

    Tel. 0 5321 0872

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Category : Village, Community, Art & Craft Centres

Attraction Details :

Baan Na Samai is a village located near Baan Toong Nang Oak. It is known for famed for bamboo basketry and carved miniature carts.


Baan Na Samai was first discovered by an old couple, Mr. Sa and Mrs. Mai, who settled in the field (Na in Thai). The name of the village is derived from the couple's names and the fact that both of them living in the village.

Famous Product

1. Carved carts


Rose wood, Padauk wood, and iron wood which can be found in the nature or bought at the price of 10,000 baht per one tree. One tree is for one cart. All parts of the cart are handmade. The stencils such as chisels and planing machines used are of different sizes. The wood needs to be cut with a hand saw, not a chain saw because it could make the wood breaks.


Starting from cutting all the parts and carve them before assembling into a cart by using bolts instead of nails. The wheels are covered with steel. The processing time is different for each cart but it usually takes not longer than 3 months. The popular carving patterns are, for example, shapes of birds, grains, double curves, and flowers. The sizes are also various by customers' orders but it is normally in the size of 1.2 by 4.2 metres.


The original purpose of a cart is to be used as a vehicle. However, nowadays it is shown in many places like department stores or museums. A cart is ,therefore, smaller. Small carts were only played as toys but later made to customers' orders.


2. Bamboo basketry


Muan” is a basketry used for rice streaming. One family in Baan Toong Tae Village makes 6 baskets a day, 100 baskets in a month on average. There are various basket patterns. The edge is usually made thick with rattan or a wire but rattan is used more because it is stronger than a wire.

In the past, villagers of Baan Toong Tae would make bamboo containers for holding cooked glutinous rice but the custom changed because bamboos have become rarer to find. To make a bamboo container, it is hard to use bamboos under 1 year old and the production of bamboo containers has increased. If the bamboo is too old, it is easily broken which makes it harder to make.


Cut the bamboo into pieces and scrapes with steel which is faster and results in more equal pieces than using a knife like in the past. One trunk of bamboo, at the prize of 70-80 baht, can be divided into 20-50 small pieces. Each village divides their works by skills, for example, weaving or creating the edges.


Baan Na Samai, Tambon Na Samai, Muaeng District, Yasothon District 35000



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