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Marlstone Village
Marlstone Village


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Operating time: 24 Hour

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Category : Village, Community

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The Marlstone Village, also known as Ban Hin Song Kon, is Thailand’s only source of the best quality marlstone. It is located in Thale Chupson Subdistrict, Mueang Lopburi District, Lopburi, near Saphan 6. Legend has it that, when the city of Lopburi was under construction, it was shot by Rama’s arrow. Being as hot as fire, the arrow burned the earth and turned it into white one. Locals here have been making Din So Phong, lumps of drying marl since a long time ago, at least since the reign of King Nangklao of the Rattanakosin Kingdom.

When entering the village, you will see houses located along the irrigation canal and notice that almost every household makes Din So Phong. In the village there is white mud called marl. As purely white and fine-textured mud, it is not suitable for growing crops; however, due to local intellects, the mud is made into Din So Phong which can serve as raw materials for a number of products, for instance, powder, cosmetics, toothpastes, furniture care products, etc.    

The village’s Din So Phong making process uses traditional techniques. First of all, marlstone is put into a basin called Bo Kak, into which water will be drained to dissolve the marlstone. When the marlstone is dissolved in water well enough, the liquid will be drain through a filter into another basin called Bo Krong or Bo Nuea so as to separate pebbles and grass from the liquid. After that, it will be filtered with cloth and drained into the third basin called Bo Nam Phaen. Then it is left for a night. White mud will precipitate and be deposited at the bottom of the basin with transparent liquid above. After that, the liquid is taken out or pumped out of the basin till there is only white marl, Din So Phong, left. Finally, the Din So Phong is moulded into lumps which will be put on white canvas outdoors to let them dry. Then the lumps of Din So Phong are ready to be sold.

For those interested in Din So Phong making, you are allowed to visit Ban Hin Song Kon to see the whole process every day, except when it is raining or there is no sunshine. This is because Din So Phong making requires the heat of the sun to dry Din So Phong. In addition, visitors can buy lumps of Din So Phong at a low price as souvenirs. Alternatively, you can buy them and sell them at a higher price.

Opening hours: every day except rainy or overcast days

Admission fee: free of charge 

Contact information: Tel. 0-3664-0504


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