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Chiang Rai Winery
Chiang Rai Winery

Chiang Rai

Contact Details

    160 Moo.7 Baan Tung - Yaow Sri - Toy Subdstrict , Mae - Suay Disttrict, Chiang Rai Province, Thailand

    Tel: 665-395-0257, 661-914-9165


    fax: 665-395-0258,

Category : Farm & Wineries

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Chiang Rai Winery (CRW) is the first and one of only few wine manufactory in Thailand to qualify for the Ministry of Industry’s Thai Industrial Standard (TIS). Moreover, it is Thailand’s largest fruit and herbal wine production facility, both in terms of volume and in terms of sales.
CRW’s mission and ultimate aim is to manufacture superior wines that meets or exceeds international standards. It intends to achieve this objective by using only raw materials that are free of hazardous contaminants and promotes health, hence, the origin of the brand “La Sante’,” which is French for healthใ
CRW comprises a management team that is both highly experienced and visionary. Its staff of specialists comprises doctors of medicine who hold professorships and PhDs in Food Science, especially senior research and development scientists, who are recognized experts in their respective fields.

CRW’s wines have prevailed in many wine contests, both at the national and international levels. A case in point is its Lychee Wine, which has the distinct honor of being chosen to be served at the APEC Summit Meeting in October 2003, in which President George W. Bush of the United States was a participant. It was probably for this reason that Lychee Wine was selected, among others, by Paleewong Trading Incorporated, the largest international beer and wine importer in the US, to be distributed there. (Today, CRW’s fruit wine exports include white Lychee Wine and red Mangosteen Wine.)
CRW’s herbal wines are receiving ever-wider recognition. This is especially the case with Black Kra-Shy or Black Ginseng or Black Ginger Wine, which has prevailed in many wine contests. One such contest in which it received First Prize for Combined Score Excellence was the Excise Department’s Four Regions’ National Black Kra-Shy Wine Contest held in 2003. Furthermore, another distinction the wine received was to be Thailand’s first wine ever to receive the “Chang Khob Thong” (Golden Outlined Elephant) Award or “Merai Quality Area” (MQA), akin to France’s AOC. (Presently, Thailand has three wines that receive MQA recognition, and two of those are produced by CRW!)
In addition, CRW also produces Noni Wine, which is in high market demand and out of stock for a while. Currently, it has been restocked.
Sweet wines have also brought high acclaim to CRW. CRW’s sweet wines received a silver medal at International Food and Hospitality 2002’s International Wine Contest. Furthermore, it has been designated “Thai Tokay Wine” by the Best Sommelier of Thailand or the “Wine Most Expert Group” of Thailand. (Note: It is widely known that the world’s most renowned sweet wine is produced at Sauternes in France, while the runner-up is Hungary’s Tokay Wine.)

Operating time : Daily

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