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Saphan Yung thermal waterfalls

Saphan Yung thermal waterfalls

Relax in the natural pools at Saphan Yung thermal waterfalls

Location: Klong Thom district

Thermal waterfalls are a wonderful natural creation. They originate from hot subterranean water that springs up in the woods. Then the current flows through a Zalacca forest down to Klong Saphan Yung and transforms into the thermal waterfalls. The whole region is covered by the relaxing atmosphere of pleasant shady forest.

The waterfalls themselves are not that grand in size. The height is about three meters in three layers. However, the particularly special feature is the shallow basins that look quite similar to bathtubs in each waterfall layer. The sedimentary process of limestone in the hot water causes four to five basins of approximately 1 to 1.5 meters in depth. The water is comfortably warm with the temperature of 40-50 degrees Celsius from the subterranean water, and there is an even heat expansion throughout the entire course. The pools are situated in the middle of a scrub forest and a channel of running water that bends along the geographical features. At some point, you may notice milky whirls and thick piles of limestone sedimentation, especially around the decelerated surface where the thermal water drains into Klong Thom, where they seem to cause small layers of waterfalls. The place is perfect of hot water bathing because it is surrounded by various kinds of plants in lush woods with a cool wind. On holidays, the locals often come here to enjoy the waterfalls. So if you prefer having a peaceful moment, arrange any weekday for a visit.