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San Pa Kia, Chiang Mai

San Pa Kia, Chiang Mai

Sakura pink blossom on Doi Chiang Dao

In winter, many travelers love to go to the mountains. Sakura is the princess of pink blooms and can be seen at Pa Kia Highland Agricultural Research Station (Doi Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai Province).

Most people might not familiar with the name San Pa Kia, but the area of pink blossom and mountain mist is well worth a visit.

Kia means pines. On the top of the mountain, there are numerous pine trees and coffee plantations. Especially, in winter on Doi Chiang Dao, mountain mist and the sunlight on the horizon is very romantic. At the campsite, you can see stars and the lights from Chiang Dao.

Recommended Food

Before going home, visit Chiang Dao and do not forget to drop by and taste pork hocks and herbs salad at Krua Chiang Dao restaurant. Coconut pudding is one of the recommended dishes at this restaurant too. For people who look for a healthy option, please try Long Pisut vegetarian restaurant in front of Chiang Dao market. The one dish that you have to try is deep-fried doughstick at Chiang Dao market. Doughstick with hot chocolate or fresh Chiang Dao coffee is delicious. One of the local dishes that you have to try is kao nueng gun jin.

Before Travelling

Sakura flowers bloom from December to May. Getting there is quite difficult because of the bumpy gravel road. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is essential. Contact the research station of the faculty of Agriculture, Chiang Mai University at least ten days before you plan to visit.