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Samed Island

Samed Island

Samed Island

Samed Island, Rayong Province, is a popular attraction for sea lovers because it is not far from Bangkok and the transportation links are quite easy. This island is about 6.5 kilometers from Ban Phe. Travelling to Samed Island is quite convenient. Tourists can experience a diverse atmosphere and activities. The shape of the island is triangular with the base of the triangle is on the north. There are various beautiful bays, mountains, a flat area along the beach and a village of on the north east of the island. The reason why this island is called Samed Island, is there are a lot of white and red Eugenia (Samed trees) here. If you like quiet and uncrowded places, Samed Island is a good choice. Sai Kaew Beach is very famous with both Thai and foreign tourists because there are various stylish resorts, restaurants, and bars. Tourists who like plenty of entertainment will enjoy Sai Kaew Beach because it offers all-day activities.

Prao Bay is opposite Sai Kaew Beach. It is a private, peaceful, and shady area. The sea is so clear and welcoming to all to experience the pleasures of nature. The most attractive thing here is the most beautiful sunsets. Wong Duen Bay is another highlight of Samed Island because the shape of this bay is curved in a beautiful crescent. The sand is so soft. This is the center of resorts, restaurants, and water activities.

If you want to visit some of the more remote beaches, you will have to take a boat. Most of the beaches are on the east of Samed Island. Each beach is located in a cove. If you take a boat from the north traveling to the south, you will see these beaches in order which are: Sai Kaew Beach, Hin Klong Beach, Klong Phai Beach, Putsa Bay, Tubtim Bay, Nuan Bay, Cho Bay, Kok Bay, Thian Bay, Wai Bay, Kio Bay, Kio Na Nok Bay, and Karang Bay. Each attraction is unique. The weather on Samed Island is temperate. Around May, it is stormy and the sea choppy. The rains start in August.

How to Get There

By car: From Bangkok, drive along Route No. 3 (Bang Na-Trat) and pass Chonburi-Rayong

By bus: Take a daily bus at transport stations (Ekamai or Mo Chit Station Bangkok).

The transport Co Ltd 02-391-6846

Cherd Chai Tour Co Ltd 02-936-0043

By boat: Daily passenger boats are available from 8am to 4pm. The journey will start when there are 20 passengers on board. The fee is 100 baht for the return trip to Ban Phe-Sai Keaw Beach. It takes about 40 minutes to get there. For people who want to go to Wong Duen Bay, the fee is 120 baht for the return trip. Tourists should contact the operators for more information about the departure time of boats.