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Sai Roong Waterfall

Sai Roong Waterfall

Explore the forest and swim

Sai Roong Waterfall is very high. The white of the water contrasting with the green of the forest can be seen from afar especially in the rainy season. The water source comes from the Kao Luang peak in the area of Ramkamhaeng National Park.

Location and travel route

To reach the park by road, take Highway No. 1 from Bangkok. From the junction at Kirimas, use the highway 101 to Kampaengpetch province. At around fourteen kilometers you will see a junction and Baan Mai Jaroenpol police kiosk, turn right and follow the signs for the waterfall for around nine kilometers and you will see Baan Nampu junction. At Baan Nampu junction, turn right and follow the signs for around four kilometers and you will arrive at the national park.


From the national park, walk 300 meters into the forest. Then take the road along the waterfall. If visitors walk for another 500 meters, they will see the first stage of the waterfall at three to four meters in height. The second level is about 50 meters further on. It flows pass a big rock and has a small pond beneath. Walk for another 150 meters to see a white waterfall around 50 meters high with a basin around 20 meters wide. Visitors can swim here but need to be very careful since the current is strong and there are many rocks underwater.

The fourth level still cannot be seen at this point. Climb the cliff at the right hand side, cross the pond and walk 200 meters on then you will see the fourth stage. This is a 70-meter-high and 20-meter-wide waterfall. The water comes from the peak of the mountain and the water is not very deep. However, you still have to be aware of the rocks beneath.

All the routes leading to the waterfall require walking on rocks so it is more suitable for the agile and healthy. However, those who visit here should be aware of slippery rocks and flash floods. The most suitable time to come visit is around October-November.