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i fell inlove to the place called thailand
i fell inlove to the place called thailand


Post by : casandra

Post Date : January 1970

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Travel Date : September 2010

Destinations : Chon Buri ,Pattaya

Activities : Beach ,Cultural show ,Local lifestyle

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Rating 1.648

105 votes

I guess it's been a while since I've been to Thailand. Every time I kept thinking about the place I would hope it wouldn't change whenever I would imagine it in my head, and to my surprise when I finally got the chance to visit thailand again, it seems like nothing changed, evrything are it's proper places and i realized the fourth time i am falling over and over to the place..Everything seems almost exactly the way I remember it, and I think it's great that so much of the country's natural beauty it still unaffected by modernization. It's so nice to be able go out of the hotel and smell a refreshing breeze instead of the polluted atmosphere that is usually so common among heavily populated Asian countries.I had a great time on my visit back to Thailand, i love the food, the rich culture, and mostly people in thailand are very nice, i love them, they are so repectful..It's a shame I had to leave so soon afterward. I remember looking out the plane window and marveling at how green the landscape looked as we left the country and headed back home. If ever given a chance i would to live in thailan, settle and have my family there.. I just hope and pray, i would be going back in thailand soon..

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