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horrible restaurant in Aonang beach !!
horrible restaurant in Aonang beach !!

bad restaurant

Post by : yonghyeok

Post Date : October 4889

Trip Summary

Travel Date : May 2012

Destinations : Krabi

Activities : Local lifestyle

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If you are planning to go to Aonang Beach in Krabi, Thailand, never use "Tantas Pizza & seafood restaurant".

Should you ignore this advice and choose this restaurant, you will be suspected as a spy by the waiters any time, and ruin your meal which has to be pleasurable.

Dear fellow travelers, I present to you a restaurant that does not know the very basic of a restaurant, only seeking for its own profit.

According to the economic classification, tourism business belong to the third industry, that is, the service industry.

Then, obviously, the restaurant at a tourist spot dealing with tourists also classifies as a part of the service industry for sure.

What is service anyways?

It means thinking in the view of the customers, comprehending their demands; provide appropriate goods and service, earning the profit in return.

In other words, it’s customer-based industry.

I bring caution to the tourists who travel this region that there is a very disrespectful restaurant, which runs without such basic concepts of service and runs on egocentrism.

Thailand, Krabi… Beautiful beach engulfing the blue-green ocean facing Andaman Sea… Aonang beach which stands out as the boulevard of culture…

There is a restaurants that ruins such magical feelings in an instant.

The name is "Tantas pizza & sea food restaurant".

I share with you the experience I had at around 7 pm May 16th, 2012.

That day, we, one foreigner with three Thais, went to have dinner in this restaurant, carrying our cameras.

Shortly after we were seated, we noticed the weird atmosphere among the waiters, not responding well to our questions. At first I thought they were tired.

Out of joy, we took pictures of each other, selected our menu, chatted for awhile, and one friend says, “Pizza takes too long, let’s eat the appetizers first,” and asked for the menu again.

After a few minutes, the owner of the restaurant came along with the menu, threatening to take legal actions if we take pictures of this menu.

Without even knowing what was going on, we told the owner we had no intention to take any pictures of the menu, but she didn’t care to listen to us, repeated what she had to say several times, and returned after saying that every menu in her restaurant had its licenses.

Out of shock, we looked around for any signs saying ‘no photography allowed’, but there was none to be found except for ‘no smoking.’

So we sat around, saying “What kind of restaurant is this? I would leave this place if we hadn’t ordered in advance.” “What’s wrong with the owner.”

For us, we were naturally offended, and we had to say something about this restaurant with its lack of service ethics.

But all of a sudden, a waitress who was eavesdropping on us from afar cut into our conversation, raising her voice.

“Why do you badmouthing our owner? Apologize to our boss, or I shall not serve you your foods.”

Fellow tourists, think about it. Is this for real?

Who is the customer and who is the server here?

I’ve never seen this sort of restaurant in my whole life.

To begin with, why does a waitress meddle with what customers had to say?

Imagine you were to say “This does not taste good at all.” to yourself, and the waiter were to hear that and say, “Why are you talking behind our chef? Apologize or you won’t have your food.” How would you feel?

Is a customer prisoner and is the waiter some sort of a guard?

Where in the world is a restaurant where one can’t speak freely?

If that waitress had her service ethics right, even if she heard such a thing, she would have said “Sir, is there something unpleasant?” without losing her smile, trying to mediate between the owner and the customer.

But this waitress, as if she was the owner’s loyal dog, she tried very hard to please the owner.

Eventually, offended as we were, we started to argue with her, again the owner came, sent the waitress away, told us that she treated as such because we looked like a spy.

Just because we took a picture at a tourist spot, we became spies.

It’s not like this restaurant is a top secret government office. We showed the woman our cameras to check the pictures we took. After checking every pictures, without any doubt, she covered the whole happening with a simple sorry.

Meanwhile, our foods went cold, our feelings offended as far as it could, we just couldn’t stand it.

So we left our foods as they were and tried to leave. The cashier said one thing, “As a sign of our apology, we will give you a ten percent discount on the bill.”

We were so appalled. Fellow tourists. Would you go to this restaurant where they are too busy looking after its fancy menu license to care about customers?

As of this moment, I’d like to start a boycott on this restaurant.

I don’t want any more victims like me, and wish for the prosperity of the nearby restaurants with more delicious foods and professional service ethics.

Furthermore, I urge the owner and the waiteress of the restaurants.

If you really think you’ve done wrong, don’t try to rip off foreign tourists who are ignorant of local information anymore. As late as it is, ponder deeply on what the basic element of service industry. And I hereby demand the waitress who actively picked a fight fired this instant and an official apology. (The email address to which you will send your official apology)

Until I confirm the apology, I will not stop the boycott on this shameless restaurant even if it’s only a one man job.

Those of you who sympathize with my opinion would paste this note on other travel guide or information sites that I have not yet known of. I wish you do not ruin your cherished memory in this self-serving restaurant.




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