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Trok Baan Jeen
Trok Baan Jeen

Trok Baan Jeen and its unique way of life

Post by : Pisidwh

Post Date : January 1970

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Travel Date : June 2010

Destinations : Tak

Activities : Historical

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Last year I went up north and went to see my friend who lives in Trok Baan Jeen. Here, I got a chance to see a unique community which is not a main tourist attraction. As I walked through the old Thai-style houses in community, a mixed feeling of satisfaction from the rare chance to witness the easy rural life style of the Trok Baan Jeen community and heart-broken at the same time as I soon realized that this unique community will soon vanish. Many of the old wooden houses are run-down and many of the unique way of life is disappearing as modernization creeps in. I had a chance to talk to the elders of the community and look through old photographs which tell tales of this community in its vibrant days. Trok Baan Jeen was once a trading community comprising many merchants of Chinese descent. There was a canal which ran through the community serving as a trading route, but has been filled in to make more room for the growing community. When it was time to leave, I felt the urge to protect Trok Baan Jeen and its unique way of life and old world charms and to tell its tales for others to hear.
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