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Thailand ???????
Thailand ???????

I wouldn't bother again. Thailand is a complete con.

Post by : ChrisPP

Post Date : January 1970

Trip Summary

Travel Date : November 2011

Destinations : Bangkok ,Chumphon ,Ko Pha Ngan ,Ko Samui ,Ko Tao ,Nakhon Ratchasima ,Udon Thani

Activities : Others

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Travelled to several destinations in Thailand over 3+ weeks. Generally I found Thailand filthy dirty and a complete rip off. Even the resort islands were filthy with filthy beaches, the sex trade is far too evident and makes Thailand a very sad and seedy place. On a trip to a friends wedding travelling with ladies of his family didn't stop annoying hotel porters blatantly offering to get me a girl for the night. Don't believe the glossy Thai brochures the reality is very different!We travelled to Prathai in the Nakon Ratchasima region of Thailand following one night stopover in Bangkok hotel after our flight. As a very happily married 50+ male chaperoning 3 single ladies I didn't take kindly to the hotel porters offers to lay on a prostitute for th night! After the spleandour of Bangkok international airport we rapidly came to the conclusion that airports and hotels are about the only places that are kept clean. Travelling to Prathai was and eye opener in 2011. Take your shoes off when you enter homes and premises when the roads and streets throughout Thailand are generally filthy dirty. We soon became aware of the word "Felang/Ferang" in shops and market places, basically it means foreighner and that you are fair game to be ripped off! ANd you will be. The Prathai region was very rural and OK. Travell from there to Chumpon for ferry to the Koh Tao was an eye opener. Thai roads don't seem to have more than 5 metres of road wih out a bump. Driving standards are terrible and not for those with a weak heart or of a nervous disposition. Even travelling in an air conditioned luxury Lexus mini bus is a trial. Most Thai vehicles we encountered seemed to have had their suspensions and shock absorbers battered and you are likely to arrive shorter than when you start your journey as your spine takes a hammering. We travelled in vehicles that had no speedo and far to many knocking and groaning parts for comfort and seat belts that didn't work or were not accessible. Before eating try and see if you can see the state of the establishments kitchen and if their is any evidence of good hygiens and refrigeration. As Thai food poisoning that we had was not something you would wish on your worst enemy!Traveling to the "Paradise" island of Koh Tao and then on to Koh Pha Ngan and Samui you first see a green tropical island with palms as you approach on the ferry. You dock on Koh Tao at the filthy grubby port Mae Hadd and have to run the gauntlet of every jack the lad tha spiv badgering you to take a taxi, taxi boat or go with them for a room! Taxi is far from a London or Mini Cab, A pick up truck that you pile in to and sit on bench seats with luggage crammed in around you if it's not thrown o a roof rack where you hope it stays on as it's not tied down. You soon realise why taxi's are 4x4 pickups. The roads are a 3rd world nightmare amd much of the island still has unmade roads that only 4x4's or bikes with off road tyres can just about cope with. Travelling to the resort area of Sairee beach you soon notice that this paradise is very dirty and messy as well mush like the Thai mainland. But worry not you think, I'm off to a resort and hotel. The reality is again that you are going to be wrong. Sairee beach area  looks like it is due another clean up as the last one if it ever had one was ten plus yeas ago. There seems to have be little or no building control in Thai resorts so they have built on to the beaches so that in high tides and bad weather the sea washes up to piers and foundations of the building and washes the sand away. Expect to find rotting sand bags that are placed to replace the washed away sand and beaches that are filthy and rarely cleaned if ever. The beach is jam packed with buildings and hotels and you have to walk through or between resorts and beach businesses to get to what is left of the beach. As you walk through the various establishments you find that they are a far cry from their fancy brochure shots. Most need a good tidy and clean up and the accumalated rubbish and junk clearing. Take the obligatory taxi boat trip of a few hundred metres to the well photographed paradise cluster of Islands that is Koh Panyuan and take note that you are not aloud to take plastic bags or bottles to the  islands. Worry not they have more then plenty washed up on the shore line and amongst the rocks. We were pleased to see a guy clearing the rocky shore line, then we realised that he wasn't clearing the mess he was just throwing out of sight behind rocks ready for the next tide to redistribute it again. The ladies of my friends family wanted out of messy dirty seedy Koh Tao by their second day there but had to complete their booked time their. Myself I travelled on to Kog Pha Ngan and Samui after my ten days on Koh Tao. I visited Rin Haad and that has to be the worst sad messy S**t Hole I've come across, Koh Pha Ngan is virtually no better than  Kao Tao and I toured the whole Island. By the time  got to Samui with its numerous large resorts I was hoping to find some improvements. I was severely dissapointed. Yet again, seedy and dirty and with an in your face sex trade with dodgy 'ladies' constantly calling to westerners from seedy hotels and bars and all alongside the up market resorts. Samui was just as filthy as what had gone before and very expensive because of the USA customers I was told. A Starbucks Coffee or a Burger will cost you more than in the UK or EU, and your likely to be glad to pay for some western junk food rather than some of the local offerings.I was very surprised to find that Thailand actually has a tourist authority. They need to re- educate the Thai people and and get some pride in to the people and their resort areas. Renting a bike/ scooter to get around in Thai resorts is the done thing, westerners are seen  as fair game to be charged huge sums for complete rebuilds of bikes that you have supposedly put a very minor scratch on! If you hire a bike or vehicle take great care and carefully use your phone to video record the condition of what you hire. I went to Thailand with pictures in my head of bits of paradise. I, my world "Paradise settings" are not filthy dirty scruffy, seedy or where you are a constant target for being ripped off.  Thailand has just made me consider Skeggy or Blackpool as being far higher up the paradise ladder.Myself and my gropu are all well travelled to western and off the beaten track holiday destinations. Thailand was just a discrace, find somewhere else to go!

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