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Talumphuk Cape. Far beyond the map.
Talumphuk Cape. Far beyond the map.

A place beyond the map

Post by : BradFlorescu

Post Date : January 1970

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Travel Date : March 2010

Destinations : Nakhon Si Thammarat

Activities : Beach

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While visiting Pak Phanang I met Sean, a 34 years old Scot. He was riding the bycicle. I thought “gee, another one just as crazy as myself”. I stopped and asked if he would care for some water. Sean teaches English at Pak Phanang school, being the only farang in the city. Taking advantage of the fact that I could finally communicate with a local resident, I asked him about Talumphuk Cape located in the northernmost point of the peninsula.- How is the place? Is it nice? Is it worth visiting? - You’re not going to believe this but even if I’ve been living here for a year, I never went there. I never had anyone to go with. The following day, once I dropped my luggage at the hotel I had found thanks to Sean’s kindly help, we left together for Cape Talumphuk. Mangrove forests spread on the left-hand side of the road. Shrimp farms and a foaming sea on the right. A strong wind had been blowing during the last days. The road was completely deserted, except for the snakes crossing it every other kilometer, colorfully waving like an optical illusion.We arrived at the village after 25 kilometers. We were by all means welcomed by curious faces. “Hello, mister” was shouted from every courtyard. We took the sandy road through an exceptional Lord of the Rings forest and we drove 5 kilometers more. Unirea ran smoothly. To reach the beach, we had to cross by foot the two channels linking the sea to the mangrove forest. The salty, warm water must have been the same as the primordial soup. It was about one meter deep, only at the beginning at the flux. We had to be fast otherwise we would have remained prisoners on the muddy sands for the next 12 hours. Mosquitoes couldn’t care less about the wind. They were pinching every part of our bodies, Sean’s most of all.

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