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Phu Kradueng national park
Phu Kradueng national park

Phu Kradueng is amazing!!!!!!

Post by : jubilo_aco

Post Date : January 1970

Trip Summary

Travel Date : December 2008

Destinations : Loei

Activities : Nature & Wildlife

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Rating 1.685

108 votes
The journey up to Phu Kradueng in Loei province is not a smooth one. The further you are from sea level, the more tiring it is. The arduous journey takes almost a whole day. The trek starts in the morning and ends late in the afternoon. But the feeling you will have once you get to the apex of this mountain is something that is indescribable. You will soon find that the strangers you meet along the way up Phu Kradueng are now your friends; your fellow “Phu Kradueng climbers”. The cool, refreshing weather up top was worth the effort put into climbing this mount. The color of the sky above you also changes as the time changes and the altitude changes. Phu Kradueng is amazing! Despite the views and good weather up top, you now also have the bragging rights for reaching the top of Phu Kradueng.
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Sky before sunrise



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