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Pai...The Dreaming Destination

Post by : Fon.58

Post Date : January 1970

Trip Summary

Travel Date : August 2009

Destinations : Mae Hong Son

Activities : Hilltribe ,Local lifestyle

Traveller's Rating

Rating 1.556

108 votes

Anyone dreamimg about travel by yourself??? Let's make it happen!! it's easier then you think ^^

Pai is a small town surrounded by complicated mountains in Mae Hong Son Province, Northern of Thailand. Pai's located on Route 1095, which connects Mae Hong Son with Chaiang Mai, it's 136 Kms. from Chaing Mai but it's 762 curves and it'll take you about 3-4 hours by bus from Chiang Mai to was my trip begin..

I flu from Suvannabummi Airport to Chaing Mai Airport and took a local Taxi to Chiang Mai Bus Terminal, which had the Bus to Pai..

At Pai..Life's seems slower, quiet and peaceful during my trip, it was the end of Rainny Season and beginning of Winter so it was a bit cool but fresh air with Rainny and Greenish smell.There're many Guest Houses, Bangalows and Hotels around Pai but I chose 1 night for Guest House and 1 night for Bangalow, the price was not quite different just 200 Baht though I'd recommend you to stay st Rim Pai Cottage. I also took a 1 day trip to Mae Hong Son to visited Wat Pra That Doi Kong Muu, which's one of the most popular Temple, Thum Pla National Park, Muu-Sur-Dum Tribe Hill can enjoy the sight seeing on the way to Mae Hong Son which most of landscape are mountain ranges,variety of forests and covered by mist all year round..

Pai also have a good Thai Food Restaurant, Bar, Coffee and Berkery Shop, Art and Handicraft'll enjoy shopping, hanging around with Bike or Motorbike,lay down and reading a book on Pai River Bank, or enjoy sight seeing around Pai..which natural forests,hotspring, waterfall and Pai also have other activities like Rafting, Elephant Riding, Treking etc.

So, it's time to take a break!! slow down your life!! Lift up your power !! Let's go to Pai...The Dreaming Destination!! You'll love it :)






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Pai River



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On the way to Mae Hong Son



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Greennish Season



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Thum Pla National Park



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Mitr Thai in Pai



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Wat Pra That Doi Kong Muu




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