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My friends elephants
My friends elephants

The story about elephant school near Chiang Mai, elephant bath, banana

Post by : Aleksandra

Post Date : January 1970

Trip Summary

Travel Date :  2005

Destinations : Chiang Mai

Activities : Nature & Wildlife

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Rating 2.98

248 votes
It was few years ago. Together with my husband we decided to explore the Northern part, Chiang Mai. It would be nothing special as so many tourists go there, but first of all I wanted to see the Elephant School. I expected more circus but it was a real surprise. I have never seen the people who have so much respect and tenderness for these huge animals. They were washed in a small river on the school terrain, carrying small buckets with the trunks help. It was so amused and gave the proof of elephant intelligence. We visited the group of elephants and their children. We had bought bananas for them as most of tourists. I wanted to give them to a small one. While I had been talking to my husband suddenly I felt something pulling out bananas from my hand. Automatically I pulled back my bananas but “something” didn’t want to release them anymore. I had turned my head and saw the mum-elephant trying to bag my fruits. I let her take them quickly, I had no chance to fight with her for few bananas. People watching around us were laughing. I had bought another cluster of bananas and gave to the elephant child. The next point was the show. The “football” match proved that few tons means nothing while you have a fun! Once I have seen it on TV, but it’s not the same. The last point was elephants painting. Of course, one can say they were trained to this, but the precision was unusual for such big “monsters”. I wanted to buy one painting, but unfortunately they had been already reserved. Maybe I would have another occasion to buy even two next time. One can ask me what is unusual with this place? Without hesitation I would answer: the elephants and the people. Without help and attention of His Majesty King Bhumibol the plan of elephants protection would have failed. Donations, also from tourists from all over the world are used for food, medical treatment of old animals and other needs. So many elephants are killed because they destroy the surrounding so such places seem to them like a safe home. Only this way they can survive and be the people’s friends. I hope to go there once again and see all the elephants in “good mood”. I can advise everybody to go there, touch for happiness the elephant ear and have unforgettable impressions.
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