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Girls Holiday!
Girls Holiday!

Pina-Colada's, swimming, snorkelling, food, massages

Post by : VickiCole

Post Date : January 1970

Trip Summary

Travel Date : September 2010

Destinations : Phuket

Activities : Beach ,Cultural show ,Elephant riding ,Historical ,Parasailing ,Snorkelling

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Rating 1.34

103 votes

OMG!  where do i start.......

what an amazing, fabulous, wonderful, culturally different place!!  My two girlfriends and I embarked on the trip of a lifetime, minus husbands and kids, and spent 10days in Phuket, at Patong Beach! This was our first trip to Thailand, and from the moment we got off the plane, to when we left, we saw so many sights that absolutely blew our minds.  From the whole families riding on scooters, to more than a dozen people sitting in the back of the utes and 4wd's, driving through mountain ranges, in the middle of the road, in fact everywhere!  there seemed to be no set road rules, and drivers just went wherever they felt like it!  it was so amazing to us, coming from Australia, where road rules are so strict!  We arrived at our resort, Gracelands in Patong.  it was absolutely beautiful and the staff were so friendly.  we had a deluxe ocean view room, which overlooked the pool and also the ocean!  the beach was absolutely beautiful, with white sand and crystal clear blue water! 

I am taking a wild guess here :), but i don't think there is anything such as  OH&S in Phuket!.  Our first day was spent on the beach at a little cafe, where you could buy cocktails for 180 baht!  we were stunned watching the parasailing taking right off in front of us, amongst all the swimmers in the ocean, not to mention the person who would hang on to the ropes of the parasail, and run and jump onto the top of the ropes, and hang there steering for the customer!!!  We spent most of the afternoon watching this and waiting for the steerer to fall! 

Feeling brave, we then walked to the shops/markets!  I have to admit this was not my favourite place!  all the shop keepers, yelling  out to you, and grabbing you to come into their shop and buy things, really put me off!  I would have loved to be able to walk into a shop and browse and check out what i wanted without being hounded to buy something from them.  One of the favourite sayings was SAME SAME but different!!! so if you were wearing a singlet top, they would try and convince you to buy the same one in different colours!  but overall it was an experience.....

The other culture shock was the number of massage parlours!   It was constant Helloooo Massaaage! saying that though we did find a lovely little shop with the most wonderful ladies around the corner from our Resort.  it was called Hair Ways and i thoroughly recommend this salon for massages!  we had the most amazing foot massage that included our legs, arms, necks, temples and head at only 200 baht!

We also visited spectacular Phi Phi Island by speedboat!  this was just the most amazing day.  our tour guide was brilliant, and was so attentive to our every need!  the snorkelling was just amazing, and the colours of the fish were unbelievable.  If you ever do get to Thailand, Phi Phi Island is definitely a must and should be at the top of your list. 

We also visited FantaSea, the show which depicts the history of Thailand.  This show was very different and had everything from elephants, chicken, goats and birds to pyrotechnics and laser lights!  i have to admit the funniest thing was when one of the elephants decided to relieve itself in the middle of the stage and the actors were trying to find buckets and a broom to clean up!

another must do, is the elephant trekking!  we visited Siam Park where we saw the elephants painting, playing ball, the monkey demonstration on how to pick coconuts from a tree, how to make coconut milk and coconut oil!  we were also treated to a thai cooking demonstration with taste testing, and then a hugh buffet lunch overlooking the mountain tops!  you could also see Big Buddha from here which was an amazing sight!

I have to say though, the biggest culture shock for me was Bangla Road at night!  This road, is definitely a must see, but please go with an open mind!  this street is definitely not for kids though, as trying to explain to them that the beautiful woman in front of them is not a woman, but a man could be a bit confusing to them :) I was absolutely fascinated with it, and went back several times, just to wander and watch the nightlife!

All in all, it was a fantastic holiday and we have all developed a taste for Pina-Colada's!!! mmmmmm.............  where else in the world can you walk down the street, buy a pina-colada for 79 baht, and keep walking! 

We are definitely planning a trip back next September, where we will take our families with us, as we absolutely loved this place and really did not want to leave. 


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