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Chiang-mai trekking, it's a-never-to-be- forgotten tour.
Chiang-mai trekking, it's a-never-to-be- forgotten tour.

Known as the rose of the North- Chiang Mai, I always keep it in mind.

Post by : Taecho

Post Date : January 1970

Trip Summary

Travel Date : September 2009

Destinations : Bangkok ,Chiang Mai ,Phuket

Activities : Hilltribe ,Trekking, Hiking

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Rating 2.438

130 votes

Chiang-mai trekking, it's a-never-to-be-forgotten tour.

I have travelled around Thailand more than 15yrs and experienced a lot of tours.

In Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh-Samui, Chiang-mai, Koh-Chang, Krabi, Kanchanaburi, Hua-hin, Khao Yai, etc, I have tasted almost all of tours.

By enjoying various tours in Thailand, I have been able to understand Thai culture, manners, history, food, religion, and people. Especially, thai people's smile and kindness that I met during tours have made me fall in love with Thailand.

What is the best of innumerable tours in Thailand?

Thinking back on it now, I am sure that Chaing-mai Trekking is the best.

What is the reason thinking so?

Chiang-mai Trekking provides us with something attractive to enjoy Thai northern mountains, to see mountainous tribe villagers' life. Above all, it makes tourists from all over the world one family through talking with one another and enjoying themselves.

The conversation in pick-up truck where Chiang-mai Trekking tour starts is as bellow

Where are you from?

What's your name and job?

What's your major?

How long do you travel in this time?

How many countries do you travel?

How did you know Chaing-mai?, and so on.

It is, of course, English that we talk with in.

All of us are panting and out of breath in a short time because of a high temperature and humidity/p>

Finally, about one hour later, we reach a waterfall

Every last man plunges into water without hesitation.

At this moment, such as age, nationality, race is of no importance.They become friends after a few minutes. Both of 20's young people and 40's old ones are acting like children.

After around 30 minutes' break in a waterfall, we are on the way to the top of mountain again.

We can see a tribe village on the top of mountain after climbing the mountain for about an hour. Arriving at the tribe village, we unpack and rush into a shower place.

In shower place which is made of bamboo, we cannot use both an electric light and hot water. But no one complains about the uncomfortable condition.When in Rome, do as Romans do, eh?

We readily accept all of things in the village and enjoy all of them with joy.We can be happy without T.V, a comfortable and clean bed.

Tourists take a rest a short moment as trekking guides and tribe women are preparing dinner.  Green curry soup using eggplant and some vegetables and fried thai food using pork, carrot, baby corn, etc are very delicious and healthful.

After dinner, a wonderful wood fire opens in the middle of a livingroom.

Most of members enjoy popular songs to the accompaniment of a guitar by a trekking guide or a tourist.

At about ten o'clock, we are obliged to go to bed for tomorrow.A cock crows to tell the coming of dawn. The pigs also are squealing

In the long run, all of us are forced to wake up.

It is not long before we find out the harmony sound of them make us see a fantastic scene. The cloud extending over mountains enables us to go to dream world. The scene we see in the early morning is beyond our imagination.

After breakfast with toast and coffee, we must go down at about nine thirty.

It is much easier for us to go down mountains today comparing going up mountains yesterday. Some of us sing merrily, others take a photo, and others enjoy talking with each other.

After some two-hour walking in a tropical forest, we reach an elephant camp site.

A elephant camp restaurant is ready for lunch while tourists enjoying riding elephant. Thai noodle called Pad Thai that elephant camp restaurant gives to us makes us stimulate our appetite.

After lunch and a short break, we enjoy and a bamboo rafting and a white water rafting using big boats.

It is nearly three o'clock for us to finish one night two day trekking tour.

At about four o'clock, we arrive at our hotel or guesthouse by the trekking pick-up truck.

Chiang-mai trekking, it is a unforgettable tour for me. The trekking tour shows us Thai northern mountains, rivers, tribe village's rice field, and a tribe village's life. Besides, it also presents us with an unforgettable memories that we spend a lot of time enjoying tour like one family for one night and two days.

If anybody has a plan to travel Thailand, I recommend a Chaing-mai trekking tour in the first place.

Ah! I'd like to try Chiang-mai trekking tour again.

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