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Avoid PP Charlie Resort
Avoid PP Charlie Resort

Even if you consider a low budget place to sleep, this place promotes itself as cheap but they are not at all and the service SUCKS!

Post by : MaxMeyer

Post Date : January 1970

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Travel Date : February 2012

Destinations : Ko Phi Phi

Activities : Homestay

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What a horrible experience! From the unprofessional and arrogant staff at reception, right through to the unchanged linen in our new room, dirty showers and electrical wires hanging from the ceilings. And it is not a "low budget" as it may seem. actually much more expensive than other nicer places. Web site pics are misleading. When I complained at reception about the overall bad experience I was told to watch my mouth as I do not want trouble as a foreigner in Thailand...  I'll report them as far as I can. Wake up and realize that the world has contact with each other and your cheating people into booking and then giving them the crappiest deal ever will become known world wide. Begin by firing the useless staff you employ, especially the big mouthed women that knows NOTHING about customer service. 

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