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Amazing Thailand!
Amazing Thailand!


Post by : jybvon

Post Date : January 1970

Trip Summary

Travel Date : April 2012

Destinations : Bangkok

Activities : Beach ,Nature & Wildlife ,Scuba diving ,Snorkelling

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Rating 1.208

101 votes

well, i never had a chance to travel in thailand but maybe through this site it would be possible. but i would like to share my story as i explore beufitul things about thailand in the internet. It seems that i was there as i see the beautiful beaches and the people enjoying the pleasure of their stay there. I see myself as if i was there also enjoying the beautiful spots and beaches of thailand. Its really amazing when i saw beautiful beaches, it gives me so much pleasure to satified. it brings entertaintment to my soul that i really enjoyed it. When I saw the nature and the wildlife really caused me stare it over and over again on the internet imagining i  was there. Hmmm,,,, i know this thing is like a dream but if that so id rather stay dreaming and i dont want to wake up. i really enjoyed myself surfing on the net exploring beautiful places and the beaches in thailand. but you guys who trully experienced travelling in thailand really can say that thailand is a very beautiful country to visit,stay and to live with. So if you are planning for a tour or a vacation, thailand is the best place to consider cause i know once you stay there, you will enjoy much pleasure to satisfy yourself. its worth it. Try it and i believe you will never be disappointed. 

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