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the fake smile in Bangkok Airport
the fake smile in Bangkok Airport

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Dear the concerned, I have just checked all the goods I bought in the King Power Store in the airport of Bangkok. I am astonished at the bonus luggage case of Johnnie Walker Black Label Old Scotch Whisky promotion. There is a dreadful hole in the case, which can’t be found easily and directly. I bought 3 bottles of Scotch Whisky and paid for them. A saleswoman had put them in the bonus luggage case. I checked the numbers of bottles and found there was some dirt on the luggage case. I told the saleswomen it seemed a little bit old and I was afraid that it is not a new one. But she smiled and promised it was new. I trusted her as she smiled with the lotus beauty. I thanked her sincerely at last. Now I am very disappointed and angry because I feel I am cheated in the King Power Store in this Buddist country. I have to say the virtue of courtesy and trust of the Thailand people that the local guide told us might not be true. It is a simple story, I think, but it is my real experience. I was wandering whether this problem could be solved by the King Power Duty Free Store, the TAT or the highness families. I am afraid it could be a scandal hole of TAT and King Power Duty Free Store, my friends on the internet might well be noticed. The above photos is the proof.

Submitted by : yanjiesh
Date : February 4,2011
Destination : Bangkok
Category : Nature & Scenes
Tags : Be cautious
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the fake smile in Bangkok Airport
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the fake smile in Bangkok Airport


February 4,2011