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Ratburanaram Temple (Chang Hai Temple)

Ratburanaram Temple (Chang Hai Temple)

Luang Poo Tuad, situated at Amphur Kokepoh

Ratburanaram Temple is an old place of worship at Pattani. It is popular among Buddhists in Pattani and other provinces since it used to be the home of a popular Buddhist saint; Luang Poo Tuad. Inside the temple there is a statue of Luang Poo Tuad who it is said could walk on water.

Chang Hai Temple was built 300 years ago. Legends say that Praya Kam Dum of Saiburi tried to create a new kingdom for his sister by releasing an elephant into the forest. The elephant stopped at one city and trumpeted three times. Praya Kam Dum deemed this as a good omen and chose it to be the new kingdom. However, his sister did not like the site so instead of building a city, Praya Kam Dum built a temple and named it Chang Hai. He invited Luang Poo Tuad to be the first abbot.

The legend goes on to say that, Luang Poo Tuad had a conviction that he needed to build a statue of himself that is why there are Luang Poo Tuad Buddha amulets. These amulets were given to the people who participated in building Chang Hai temple. The Luang Poo Tuad Buddha amulet has been popular among believers since then.

The festival of bathing Luang Poo Tuad’s ashes is held annually during April.