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Raksawarin thermal springs

Raksawarin thermal springs

Raksawarin thermal springs are the first thermal baths discovered. They are regarded as a spa for natural therapy. As they are closer to downtown than any other thermal springs, the place is bustling with tourists. There are three natural spring wells called Father well, Mother well and Daughter well. Raksawarin thermal springs are located on Chon Ra-u Road, Khao Niwet sub district, Muang district, Ranong province.

The most famous activities include boiling eggs from with hot spring water, as well as soaking feet in the hot water to relieve pains and aches. It is not recommended to take a thermal bath with empty stomach or right after the meal, as this may cause nausea. It is advised to spend approximately 10-15 minutes in the well and alternate with taking a cold shower. The total amount of time for the whole session should be between half an hour to one hour.