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Punyi Island

Punyi Island

Punyi Island or Koh Panyee (island of the flag) is a fascinating fishing village in beautiful Phang Nga Bay. The village is surrounded by huge limestone cliffs. The villagers are the descendants, directly or indirectly, of Toh Baboo and his family and friends from Indonesia who were the first people to settle on Koh Panyee some 200 years ago. Most of the people here are Muslim. The mosque is considered as the center of the village.

Punyi Island also has its own football team called Punyi FC. Visitors would not believe that a small island like this could have a football field of their own. However, from the unity of all the villagers they have fulfilled the dreams of the children.

Visitors can try grilled squid and many other seafood dishes that can be found all over the island. Pung-nga National Park, M.1 Baan Taa Daan, Tambol Koh Punyi, Amphur Muang, Pung-nga.

Nearby attractions

Pang-nga is a small province with a very serene atmosphere so most of the visitors who come here are looking forward to visiting the beautiful sea. However, if visitors travel in the city, they will find a different kind of atmosphere. There are many restaurants and buildings in the Sino-Portugese style.

After visiting Pang-nga, visitors can also stop at Poong Chang Cave, Phuket, the unseen cave in the shape of an elephant with many beautiful stalagmites.

There is also Khao Lumpee National Park at Tambol Toong Mapraw, Amphur Tai Muang where many ferns can be seen.