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Pu Toei National Park

Pu Toei National Park

Pu Toei National Park

Pu Toei National Park is located at Ban Huay Hin Kum, Wang Yang, Dan Chang district, Suphan Buri province. This is the only national park in Suphan Buri, covering the area of Ong Pra, Huy Kamin, Nikom Grasiew, Wang Yaow and Dan Chang district in total about 198,422 rai. There is plentiful water sources which the villagers call “Pu” and pines (Toei) which grow abundantly. It is the 85th national park of Thailand, with the pine forest and Pern Ki waterfall as the outstanding attractions.

Pu Toei National Park is suitable for tourists who can tackle some challenging driving because most of the way is rough and some places steep. The highlight is the route to pine forest, which is seven kilometers away from Pu Toei National Park. This route passes Lao Dah shrine for the remembrance of the Lao Dah airline accident on May26, 2000. There is a viewpoint located not far from here to see the beautiful wide scenery of Dan Chang district and even the mountain of Kanchanaburi on a clear day. About 800 meters from here, you reach parking lots and then walk about 500 meters from here to Tevada mountaintop viewpoint, another wonderful perspective which can see faraway to the Tevada peak at 1,123 meters and also the pines which is the feature of Pu Toei National Park.

The viewpoint is the highest spot on this route. At a height of about 700 meters and with a climate that is similar to high mountain forest in the north and northeast, it is strange that the pines can grow. This is the nearest pine forest from Bangkok. In the forest court area, there is rock pile garden with the small rocks piling up on the highest location of Pu Toei National Park, creating a strange view. Besides the forest, there are many other attractions beside Pu Toei National Park, especially Pern Ki waterfall that is located about 20 kilometers away from the park. It is an exciting route for a four-wheel drive. Pern Ki waterfall is a small limestone waterfall in the shady atmosphere of the forest. The waterfall can be enjoyed all year but is best in the rainy season.

Travel Information

From Dan Chang district, take highway no.333 headed to Uthai Thani province, turn left at the junction at Ban Wang Kan and go about 15 kilometers to Ban Pha Shi. Then go straight about 5 kilometers and arrive at the protection unit of Pu Toei. After that go straight on the gravel road about 12 kilometers, there is right junction to the pine forest but it is better to go along the way to ask the information at the national park office first.