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Pratat Panom, Nakornpanom

Pratat Panom, Nakornpanom

The typical climate of the northeastern region of Thailand is usually windy and cool, dissimilar to the damp cold of the north, except for those provinces near the Thai-Laos border. These provinces are known for their mist in the winter, especially the lovely Nakorn Panom. In ancient times, Nakorn Panom was the center of the glorious Sri Kotaboon Kingdom and the place where Pratat Panom, also known as the relics of the Lord Buddha’s chest, were kept. Apart from the religious importance, this particular province is culturally charming with diverse character, tasty local food, and faith in the birthday guardians.

Pratat Panom, similar to Pratat Haripoonchai of the north and Pratat Nakornsri Tammarat of the south, is one of the greatest and most important Buddha’s relics of Thai northeastern people who consider it once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit and pay respects. The relics are covered by a tall and slender lotus-shaped chedi decorated with paintings and engravings of golden-birds influenced by the Jampa art of southern Vietnam. The chedi was damaged in 1975 from a ferocious storm but was later renovated to its former condition.

Visitors are recommended to pay a visit in the 3rd lunar month of the year. At the time, there is the annual Pratat Panom fair that is considered a splendid event of northeastern people.