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Pratat Kaamkaen

Pratat Kaamkaen

Moo1, Baan Kaam Sub district, Num Pong District, Khon Kaen.

Pratat Kaamkaen is the most respected and most stunning Laos-Lanchang-style chedi of Baan Kaam Sub district, Khon Kaen. The legend has it that Praya Langkeao was on his way to place the Lord Buddha’s relic in Pratat Panom when he made a stop to rest at Don Makam. Whilst resting, he placed the relics inside the hole of a dead tamarind tree, and then he proceeded to Pratat Panom. Upon arrival, he found out that it had been sealed and the relics could no longer be placed inside so he returned home by the same route and found that the dead tamarind tree had come back to life. So, he placed the relics inside the tree and built a chedi to cover it. The place has been called Pratat Kaamkaen ever since.

Satellite chedis are believed to hold relics of the nine Buddhist saints from the journey of Praya Langkeao. Pay a visit to Sim or local image hall to see artistry that resembles northeastern houses that compose of parts tied together with rattan. The best time to visit is on Visakabucha Day since there is the annual event to pay respects to Pratat Kaamkaen. Villagers believe that the Pratat can turn bad luck into good fortune and protect people from illness. A shaman is always needed to communicate with Pratat.

The annual fair offers various kinds of food and drink and toilets are available for your comfort.