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Prataat Srikoon

Prataat Srikoon

Pratat Srikoon, the Tuesday guardian, is believed to grant you honor and charisma. The chedi of Pratat Srikoon is similar in shape to Pratat Panom only smaller and was built with the influence of Lanchang art. Relics of Pra Saributr, Pra Mokalana, and Pra sankajjayana are kept inside the chedi. Popular offerings are popped rice, traditional perfume, charred sticky rice, pink flowers, two candles, and eight incense sticks. The chant for Pratat Srikoon is ‘Ti Hung Ja Tou Ro Ti-nang’ and is considered to bring one affection.

What to buy

The most outstanding snack and souvenir of the town is Thai traditional caramel (galamare). This famous recipe is made of sticky rice, coconut milk and sugar and is wrapped with banana leaf ironed with coal. The aromatic smell of burned banana leaf is unique and tempting. Recommended shops are Tooljai Caramel, Mooyor Dao Tong, Riantong Mooyor, and Mooyor Lert-Rot. Stop by at the Indochine market and shop for electrical and household appliances imported from Lao, Vietnam, and China. Paakpla district offers the best basketwork, Renoo Nakorn district for hand-woven textiles and Esan musical instruments, and Taa Utain District for pottery.