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Prataat Kaennakorn

Prataat Kaennakorn

Location Nai Mueng Sub district, Mueng District, Khon Kaen

Pratat Kaennakorn is in an area where many ancient temples are located. The chedi was built in the Indochina artistic style with influences of Esan and Tavaravadi and is called ‘the Great Net’ style. It is in a pointy-triangular shape and consists of nine stories with relics of the Lord Buddha and the Buddhist saints. Visitors can admire the view of the town and the pond from the top of the chedi. There is also a museum nearby displaying the legends and myths of Buddhism and a number of famous Buddhist monks. The atmosphere of the museum is cool and pleasant since it is located near Kaennakorn pond. Apart from Buddhist legends and fables painted on the doors and windows, fun and educating local tales can also be found here.

In the summer, golden shower trees will blossom brilliantly everywhere and the town is usually painted with a beautiful bright yellow hue. A walking street market on Saturday evening also attracts many tourists with local tasty dishes and souvenirs available. Marvelous souvenirs of the town are white pork sausages and local basketry. Famous shops are Ming Charoen and Mae Boon Serm. The Handicraft Center for Esan Women offers exquisite Khon Kaen silk.

In the downtown district, noteworthy restaurants are Amporn Namnueng, Yentafo Raja, Kai Krata Aim-Oat, Fueng Kitchen, Pad Thai Aiyakarn, and the Chaimaha Bakery.