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Pramahatad Woramahaviharn Temple

Pramahatad Woramahaviharn Temple

The fascinating chedi at Muang Korn

If you have an opportunity to come worship this chedi once in your life, success will come to you in every aspect.

Although Nakorn Sritummarat has the religion of Buddism and Bramanism, both religions can still be compatible at Wat Pramahatad Woramahaviharn.

Wat Pramahatad Woramahaviharn is one of the most important royal temples in the south of Thailand. This temple was built during the reign of Tam Porn Ling Kingdom with the Srivichai architecture style. The reason that this temple has been the shelter of the southern Thai people since then is that it was the temple where the Buddha’s relics were enshrined. It is believed that whoever has a chance to come and worship the Buddha’s relics here, success will follow him/her in every aspect. Moreover, it is also where the King Katukam and King Ramtep were enshrined. Both Kings were the origin of the worshipping of Jatukamrammathep amulet, which is very popular right now.

The beauty of this temple has never aged. The architecture of this temple was inherited from generations to generations. The Buddha’s relics were enshrined in the middle surrounded by small chedis. There are also models of Buddha relics enshrined at the four corners of the temple.

Food attraction

The mangosteen is a very popular fruit at Nakorn Sritummarat. All the mangosteens here were chosen and preserved to make the best mangosteen.


During Songkran festival, the people will parade Pra Putta Si Hing (Buddha statue) all over the city for the villagers to sprinkle water in order to bring auspiciousness to their lives.