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Prachin Buri

Prachin Buri

Prachin Buri

Prachin Buri is a province in the east of Thailand. There are three national parks, which are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They are Tub Larn, Khao Yai and Phang Seeda. This province has the largest area of forest in the East. There are numerous natural attractions located around the area of the province all worthy of a visit. Historical Prachin Buri can be seen through numerous historical sites. More than 2000-2500 years ago, ancient communities settled in present day Baan Krathum Phaeo (Krathum Phaeo Sub-district, Baan Sang District), Baan Nong Or (Muang District), and Baan Dong Cha Man (Phrachantakam Sub-district, Prachantakam District. Archaeologists have discovered some colorful Indo-Pacific glass beads, Carnelian stone beads, agate, quartz, and metal tools. There is some evidence showing the relationship between the neighboring ancient communities and India. This can be particularly seen at Baan Dong Chai Man where parts of a bronze drum in from the Dong Son era were discovered. This kind of drum is related to the religious practices of southern China and South East Asia including Thailand.

In the Ayutthaya Period, the city of Prachin Buri was just known by its first name. The meaning was the east city of Thailand. The name of Prachin Buri was variously written, but the sense was always the same. In the era of King Rama V, the city was more popular than today because there was a gold mine at Kabin Buri. When the government was reformed, Prachin city was changed to Prachin Precinct. Therefore, Prachin became the center of prosperity in the east of Thailand. After that, Prachin Precinct was included to be a part of Chachoengsao. That is why the province declined in importance.The slogan showing the identity of Prachin Buri is “A City of the Sacred Bodhi Tree, Sweet Bamboo Shoots, Tasty Fruits and Ancient Remains of Daravati Towns.”

How to get there

From Bangkok by car:

Go along Phaholyothin Road. Keep in the left lane at Rang Sit and take the Ring Bridge to route no. 305. Drive along Rang Sit Canal and pass Ongkharak District, Nakhon Nayok Province. Take route no. 33 at Nakhon Nayok-Prachin Buri. At Nong Cha-om Junction, turn right after 155 kilometres. Follow route no. 319 to the city of Prachin Buri.

The second route from Bangkok by car:

Take route no. 1 to Wang Noi District, Ayutthaya Province. Around 30 km, turn right onto route no. 33. Go through Wiharn Dang District and Sara Buri Province. Around 155 km, turn right at Baan Nong Cha-om Junction. Take route no. 319 to reach Prachin Buri.

The third choice route from Bangkok by car:

Take route no. 304 and go through Phanomsarakham District, Chachoengsao Province. Go along route no. 319 through Sri Mahosot District to reach the city of Prachin Buri.