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Prabarommatad Chaiya: Buddha’s relics at Chaiya

Prabarommatad Chaiya: Buddha’s relics at Chaiya

Prabarommatad Chaiya is located at M.3, Ruknorakij Road, Tambol Wiang, Amphur Chaiya, Suratthani. It is an old temple built during the Srivichai Kingdom. Prabarommatad Chaiya reflects the genuine style of Srivichai art. The layered stupa is similar to a castle in the Java style. Although it is not very big, Prabarommatad Chaiya is a nice building that reflects the prosperity of Buddhism. This stupa was restored during the reign of King Rama V and that is why there is a picture of his kingdom at the front. Apart from the strange shape stupa, there is also a Buddha image carved from red sandstone, which is in the Ayudhya art style to show the sacredness of the temple. Nearby, there are also many old religious sites such as Wat Wiang, Wat Kaew and Wat Lhong; all temples from the Mahayana period from 1,000 years ago. At Wat Kaew and Wat Lhong there are many remaining parts from the Srivichai Kingdom.

A popular item to buy as a souvenir is Poommareang silk and weaving silk, handicraft produced by Muslims from Malay and Java. There are many old patterns, which are very rare. The most original producer is at Tambol Poommareang, where visitors can see many old Thai house styles along the way. In addition, visitors can also stop at Poe Cape, the old harbor from the Srivichai period.