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Poo Lanka

Poo Lanka

View the scenery alongside Mekong River and pay respects to the Buddha’s relics at Poo Lanka, Amphur Baan Paeng, Nakornpanom

Poo Lanka is a limestone mountain with a 563-meter peak. It is where Kong Kaow Sri Boon Nao Chedi is located. This chedi is a spherical shape with the Buddha’s relics that came from Nepal in 2000 and has been worshipped by many since then. The Poo Lanka peak is a viewpoint on both east and west sides. The Eastern aspect is for the sunrise and mist among the mountains during the beginning of winter. On the west side, you can view the last light of the day across the Mekong River. The sandstone field near the Poo Lanka peak is filled with various kinds of flowers especially orchids.

There are two ways up to Poo Lanka peak. The first is to take a four kilometers route from Poo Lanka National Park to the field. The other route is to climb the stairs of Wat Pratad Poo Lanka on the Kong Long marsh, which is where the way villagers go to worship the chedi on religious events. This route takes around one hour to walk.

A nice tourist attraction at Poo Lanka is the Tat Poh waterfall, which is a four-stage waterfall only 100 meters from the office. There are mosses, ferns and orchids all along the side of the route to the waterfall. Another tourist attraction is the Kong Long swamp, a big lake in front of the Poo Lanka peak.

Tourists should not miss tasting fish from the Mekong River. All the restaurants around this area offers fresh fish from the river in a variety of dishes such as tom yum pla (fish soup), larb pla buek (minced catfish with vegetable and chili). For desserts, try kalamae, a kind of toffee made from sticky rice, sugar and coconut milk.