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Phu Klon, Mae Hong Son Province

Phu Klon, Mae Hong Son Province

Experiencing the amazing of one out of thee black mud world places, people who love to be healthy have to get there. Because of the mineral water and the black mud, this place is like a treasure which people are searching.

Black mud, which the physical is quite ignored, has numerous special minerals for health maintenance and skin care. Especially at Phu Klon, this attraction is one out of three black mud world places. So, now, Phu Klon is very well-known all over the world. Many visitors come here because the mineral water which is deep below the ground is just like superior medication and sediment coming with the water can make the skin brighter.

The pure-heat-black mud is set to be the natural spa because of minerals and no sulphuric scent. The natural spa is not the expensive and set for health and beauty such as mud face mask and mud body mask. For face, it will enhance softness, smoothness, and radiance. For body, it will stimulate the blood circulation and restore the physical balance.

Phu Klon is the banner of Thailand mud resources.

Recommended Food

When you arrive Phu Klon, you have to try tasting local food of Mae Hong Sorn at Bai Fern Restaurant.

Before Traveling

You can travel here, Phu Klon, all year long. For more information, please contact TAT Northern Section 1 or call 053 248 604 , 053 248 607 , 053 241 466.