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Phu Luang

Phu Luang

Phu Luang

Considered as a land of wild orchids, unmissable Phu Luang is appreciated by all orchid lovers. A variety of orchid types and families proliferate in the region and are a delight for the eye. Bulbophyllum Nipondhii, an endemic orchid full blooming at the beginning of winter roughly from October to December waits to be found. While other attractive specimens such as dendrobium infundibulum, cymbidium insigne subs p. seidenfadenii, bulbophyllum dayanum, paphiopedilum sukhakulii and plenty of rare, also charming orchids can be spotted in every season. Rhododendron stimsill and rhododendron lyi can be admired as well.

Phu Luang tableland stays cool all year. Here are diversified forests: tropical rain, hill evergreen, coniferous, shrub, dry dipterocarp, mixed deciduous forests and fields. On its table plain, there is a river and two magnificent mountains, Phu Yong Phu and Phu Kwang 1,562 and 1,571 metres from sea level. Phu Luang is certainly a strong attraction for visitors to the north–southeast area of Thailand.

Location and getting there

Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Phu Luang district, Loei. From Loei, take the Loei-Phu Ruea route for 36 kilometres to Ban San Tom, and turn left continuing on for 18 kilometres to reach the sanctuary\'s headquarters.

Telephone: 086-2203560, 084-2800955