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Phu Foilom Ecotourism Project, Udon Thani province

Phu Foilom Ecotourism Project, Udon Thani province

Appreciate lovely flowers, get to know the forest, and learn more about the natural environment.

If you are searching for a place to trek along nature trails, do the camping, pinch a tent stake, sit around a bonfire, or simply fill up the lungs with fresh air, Phu Foilom is ultimately the right choice.

Phu Foilom is named after lichen which entirely carpeted the dense forest in the past. However, at the present the lichen becomes scarce due to the deteriorating fertility of the forest. Thus, this place has been developed into an environmental learning centre for forest restoration that is open to everyone. The centre targets at visitors who would like to gain more knowledge concerning ecology and indulge themselves in the picturesque woods, believing that the seeds of natural conservation would grow in their mind.

For those who long for something challenging, cycling routes for mountain bikes are available in case you would like a change of scenery. Alternatively, you can head off to explore Than Ngam waterfall in the forest. Otherwise, you may like to stroll around and admire colourful flowers or visit the learning centre nearby. The place comprises a prehistoric park that exhibits life-size dinosaur sculptures that once roamed the region, a display of evolution of the human, together with a sundial that tells the time by the position of the Sun.

In the evening when the sun gradually disappears from the mountain ridge, it is time for relaxation by pinching tents, sitting around a bonfire and singing. The attraction here provides you both excitement and knowledge at the same time.

Recommended local menus

A number of decent restaurants can be found on Phu Foilom hill. You may wish to visit downtown and try some herbal diets at Jaw Waw on Chaiyaphum – Ban Kwao Road. It’s healthy and yummy.

Get to know before travelling

In winter, the weather is very chilly, so make sure you wrap up in proper outfits to stay warm.