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Phrathatsrisongrak Loei Province

Phrathatsrisongrak Loei Province

Asking for blessings for good relationships and eternal love

At the boundary of Loei province, Phra That Sri Song Rak represents the friendship of two lands;Thailand and Laos. People who come to worship the Buddha’s relic will be blessed with enduring love and excellent relationships.

Loei is one of Thailand’s Northern provinces that has very spectacular mountain scenery and pleasant weather. Because of these things, this province is a good choice for all visitors who love nature. Phra That Sri Song Rak is an attraction praised by both Thais and Laotians for more than 400 years.

Phra That Sri Song Rak is located at Dan Sai district. The white brick relic of Buddha is made in the Lan Chang style. According to the legend, this relic was built to represent the first-class relationship between the 15th king of the Ayutthaya Kingdom and the king of Sri Satanakanahut. The two kings promised that their countries would help each other forever.

Both Thais and Laotians believe that Phra That Sri Song Rak can fulfill one’s hopes about relationships and love. One’s love life will be blissful and the relationship will endless. Because of this belief, numerous couples and friends come here and worship the Buddha’s relic. They come with the same purpose to ask for the blessings of lasting love and harmonious relationships.

Here, there is another belief. Bringing Ton Pueng (a pyramid of yellow flowers) to worship Phra That Sri Song Rak will make our good wishes come true. However, please do not worship the Buddha’s relic with red flowers or the wearing of red clothes. They believe that red represents blood and violence.

After worshiping the relic, something that should not be missed is tasting a chili paste called Jaew Dum Pak Saton. This is a very popular dish and souvenir made by the homemakers group of Ban Na Dee. If anyone is interested in buying this kind of chili paste, it is available at the OTOP shop of Loei province.