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Phra That Na Dun, Maha Sarakham province

Phra That Na Dun, Maha Sarakham province

For good fortune, pay respect to the Buddha’s relics that emerged from the earth.

People from the north-eastern part of the country have a strong belief that making a pilgrimage to the relics of Lord Buddha will bring much good luck. Having disappeared from Na Dun village, the relics were found again later on a dune.

Several pagodas enshrining Buddha's relics in this region reflect the flourishing of Buddhist influence in the northeast and the strong faith of the people. In Maha Sarakham, the most significant stupa that houses relics is called Phra That Na Dun. A large number of worshippers hold a strong religious belief that paying respect to Phra That Na Dun brings ultimately good fortune to one’s life. There is a folk story about the finding of these sacred relics that they were discovered on a dune in a historic site situated in the middle of a rice field. The relics are housed in an elaborately decorated holy pagoda in order to collect the relics. The historical evidence from this archaeological excavation proves this area is a former location of the ancient city of Champasi in the Davarawadee kingdom from its highly developed civilization and its role as a centre of Buddhism.

Recommended local dishes

Since you are in Maha Sarakham, do not miss the chance to try the Isan sausage known as “Mam” made from pork and beef and commonly found region wide. They are perfect for taking away as they can be stored for a few days after purchase.

Tips before travelling

Around the sacred stupa of Na Dun, there is also a museum exhibiting a collection of cultural antiques and artefacts found in this area. They are regarded as a valuable source of archaeological information concerning the existence of Champasi.ncerning the existence of Champasi.ce of archaeological information concerning the existence of Champasi.