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Pha-yam Island Rayong

Pha-yam Island Rayong

an Island of tranquility in Muang district

Come and find some peace at Pha-yam Island and its uncontaminated nature. The central part of the island is covered by mountains, and woods. There are many animals, such as birds, monkeys and boars. The locals earn a living from coconut, rubber and cashew nuts. The shore is embraced by coves, reefs and sandy beaches. This is truly a suitable place to escape from civilization. The northernmost part of Pha-yam Island is Pai bay. Then the juxtaposition of Hin Kaw bay and Mae Mai bay are only a little further down. Not very far away, you can find Koh Pha-yam temple and a bridge crossing over to the temple hall in the sea. There is an adjoining multipurpose wharf for local fishing boats. The area around Mae Mai bay is the island’s center of transportation and trading. If you head down south passing Mae Mai bay and Hin cape, you will find Mook bay and Kham Island, which is only a little offshore. When the tide is high, the small island of Kham looks as though it is separated into two. The island is known amongst the locals as Pla-wan Island.

The west coast of Pha-yam Island faces the Andaman sea. The northernmost part is occupied by reefs, and the area a little further down is called Khao Kwai bay. This four-kilometer long bay bends into a curve looks similar to a buffalo’s horns (or Khao Kwai in Thai). Continue down south passing the reefs and Rang cape until you reach Yai bay. The coast of this bay is divided into two by the narrow course of a canal. The beaches on Yai bay are as spacious as those on Khao Kwai bay.

Since nature on Pha-yam Island still remains mainly in its unspoiled condition, it is a popular tourist attraction particularly among foreigners. So if you would like a getaway or truly peaceful holiday, visit Pha-yam Island. Satisfaction guaranteed.