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Pha Chanadai

Pha Chanadai

Watch the sunrise at Pha Chanadai, the ‘Grand Canyon’ of Thailand.

Morning views of the first golden sunbeams shining through the horizon line are definitely an impressive and unforgettable scene to witness. Dawn at Pha Chanadai in Ubon Ratchathani, a wonderful sight.

Apart from dazzling geographical features and a strong devotion to Buddhism, one outstanding point that makes visitors come back to the enchanting historical province of Ubon Ratchathani repeatedly is the rising sun seen at Pha Chanadai. The cliff is inside Dong Na Tam forest in Pha Taem National Park. On the way, you can appreciate the beauty of nature, fertile woods, streams, exotic wild flowers, waterfalls, as well as magnificent scenic points. Like typical cliffs, there are also towering rocks.

Pha Chanadai is 440 meters above sea level where tourists can overlook spectacular views of Mae Khong on the Thailand-Laos border river, and a peculiar mountain range called Dan Laos. Especially in winter, you can enjoy an amazing sight when thick fog covers Mae Khong.

After admiring the sunrise, there is another neighbouring attraction, which is as renowned and time-honored as Pha Chanadai, called Pha Taem now a national park. It is actually among one of the most visited places in Ubon Ratchathani. Its general topography includes highlands, hills, and cliffs caused by earth plate displacement. The national park is covered by hardwood, tropical trees with lovely flowers and sandstones scattered over the area. Beyond this there are Sao Chaliang (stone formations) naturally caused by erosion from the wind and the rain. They are the result of natural sculpturing of sandstones from two eras; the upper layer that looks like mushrooms dates back to the Cretaceous Period, whereas the bottom is made of sandstone from the Jurassic Period. In general, sandstones can be eroded very easily compared to any other kind of stones. Therefore, after a certain amount of time, the processes known as resistance to weathering and compression from showers of rain help form the rocks in such a bizarre shape.

Up on the hill close to Sao Chaliang is the location of Lan Hin Taek. All year round erosion from wind and rain has resulted in this vast courtyard with sandstones cracks.

The highlight of Ubon Ratchathani is Thailand’s greatest prehistoric cave paintings. These paintings on the cave wall can be classified into five groups: palms, animals, people, tools, and geometric shapes. They portray ancient lifestyles, which are highly valued and are the pride of the nation.