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Pae Mueng Pee

Pae Mueng Pee

Pae Mueng Pee

Pae Mueng Pee, a beauty designed by the hand of nature through the scouring of rocks and stones until they became a natural architecture. The magical canyons, cliffs, and pillars will hypnotize you with such resemblance of an imaginary city; ancient Roman palace, sacred termite hill, alluring mushroom, or chedi of faith.The word “Pae” is from the local language for grove wood. “Mueng Pee” signifies loneliness and creepiness. Originally Pae Mueng Pee was a huge forest abundant with trees and wildlife. The place was held sacred and was used as a place to perform the rain ceremony. With time, the forest and the geography have changed to small hills and canyons.

With the area over 5,000 Rai, Pae Mueng Pee, despite its scary name, has been one of the most outstandingly well-known tourist attractions of Prae province for a very long time. A true natural magic, stone and sand aged 10,000 – 30,000 years old with different densities and levels of calcification were scoured by water for a long time and have become vibrant cliffs and pillars of various sizes and shapes. Some look like mushrooms, or palaces, or curtains, depending on the imagination of the beholder and thus the place was granted the name “The secret of alluvia”.For those devoted photographers, the brown walls of sandstone with the backdrop of vivid blue sky might be ideal, not to mention strange and mesmerizing scenery of the place. Streams can be found here and there, with the relaxing sound of the wind singing through the creeks. Such beauty and imagination can never fail to inspire.Mysterious Pae Mueng Pee has never lost its charm and still attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world every year.

How to get there

Pae Mueng Pee is in Pae Mueng Pee Royal Park, situated between Toong Hong and Namsam Sub districts, 15 km. away from Mueng District of Prae. Drive straight on the 101 (Prae-Naan) road for 12 km. and take a right turn onto the 1134 road. Another 6 km. from the 9th milestone and you arrive at Pae Mueng Pee Royal Park.