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Pa Lelai Worawihan Temple, Suphan Buri Province

Pa Lelai Worawihan Temple, Suphan Buri Province

Visiting the legendary temple and paying respects to Luang Po To.

According to the Khun Chang-Khun Phaen literature, Pa Lelai Temple became a significant place of worship of Suphan Buri Province. Because what has been written about it, the temple has become very popular. Some believe that people who come to worship Luang Po To once in their lifetime will fulfill their hopes and wishes.

Pa Lelai Temple is located on Malai Man Road, Rua Yai Sub-district on the western side of Suphan Buri River. Pa Lelai Temple is four kilometers from the town center. The temple was reconstructed in the era of King Rama IV.

Luang Po To is a huge statue in the U-thong style. The dignified Buddhist image is 23.48 meters high containing thirty-six relics. People from all over the world come to see and pay respects to the Buddhist image here because they believe that it will enhance happiness, healthy, luck, and ensure a life without troubles.

Every seventh and ninth day of the waxing moon of the fifth and twelfth months, there is a festival held to celebrate and pay respects to Luang Po To.

When you visit the Pa Lelai Temple, you have to buy dried fish and some Thai desserts especially Thai streamed egg cake.