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Nam Hoo Temple, Mae Hong Son

Nam Hoo Temple, Mae Hong Son

Pai is a small town in Mae Hong Son where its popularity as a tourist destination has been growing. With the charm of location, community, and culture, this small town draws in more and more visitors each year despite the rough roadways.

Situated approximately three kilometers from the center of Pai, Nam Hoo Temple has been long revered by local Buddhists for its principle Buddha image, Luang Por Oon Mueng. Though the ever-flowing water in the hair bun of this Buddha image is a wonder, locals strongly believe it to be sacred. The water is drunk to get rid of sickness and misfortune, and in turn bring good luck.

Legend has it that the temple was built at the wish of King Naresuan for his sister, Supangunlaya. The memorial pagoda of Supangunlaya is located behind the image hall, and photos of her, King Ekatossarot, and King Naresuan are placed in the floating pavilion for people to pay respects.

Visitors are welcome in the temple every day, but due to the issue of belief and appropriateness, the hair bun of the Buddha image is no longer allowed to be touched. The holy water, however, is bottled and made available.

Many impressive northern dishes can also be tasted at many restaurants throughout Pai.