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Nakorn Si Thammarat

Nakorn Si Thammarat

Nakorn Si Thammarat is a city with a long history. The archaeological evidence proves the existence of communities from pre-history. The periods of civilization is reflected in arts, sculpture, architecture, local wisdom, as well as tradition. These have become the country’s heritage to be carried on from generation to generation.

Nakorn Si Thammarat is a peaceful province and suitable for tourists who appreciate natural beauty and solitude; especially those who are fascinated by history and Buddhism. If you have an opportunity to visit the city, do not miss paying respects to the Buddha’s relics of the southern region at Wat Mahathat Woramahavihara. The temple is decorated in Lanka architectural style with a spherical pagoda with a gold-coated top located on a square base. There are also the sculpted high reliefs of elephants adorning the surroundings of the pagoda, as well as the duplicated stupas of the Buddha’s relics on the four angles of the wall. Nakorn Si Thammarat has managed to carry cultural and religious traditions on until the present day. The processional ceremony of Phra Bot (the length of cloth with a painting of Lord Buddha) to wrap up the pagoda of the Buddha’s relics takes place twice a year – on Maka Bucha day and Visakha Bucha day. The merit making on the waning moon day of the 10th month is held in order to show a sense of gratitude to deceased parents. The procession of the standing Buddha image holding an alms bowl occurs during Buddhist lent. In addition to this, there is the follow-up procession contest on the first day of the waning moon in the 11th month.

Later on, go pay homage to Phra Buddha Sihing that was built according to the school of Nakorn Si Thammarat craftsmen, namely Khanom Tom. It is situated at Phra Buddha Sihing hall in the palace complex of a previous ruler; present day city hall. Every year on Song kran day, the locals will set up a procession with great respect to invite Phra Buddha Sihing to the provincial ground and allow devotees to sprinkle scented water onto the Buddha image.

Khao Nan National Park in Tha Sala district is an important area of forest in Nakorn Si Thammarat. Visitors can admire the Sunantha waterfall as it flows down 70-meter cliffs. It is located in the midst of a rich evergreen rain forest, and there are natural walking trails to explore various kinds of orchids, including Dipteris conjucata.

Nakorn Si Thannarat houses marine tourist attractions, for instance, Khanom Bay – the biggest of all the bays in the province. Not only long stretching beaches and charming nature, the sea here also has something dazzling for you. For example, pink dolphins of the Khanom Sea, or Khao Hin Pab Pa – Thailand’s only pancake rock mountain that you have to hire a local boat for a visit.

Highly recommended food and drinks of Nakorn Si Thannarat include a cup of strong coffee at Kopi café in the morning. Then tourists might like to try local vermicelli mixed with varieties of curries (fish, bean, or southern style ‘Tai Pla’ curry) and vegetables. Also, do not forget to indulge yourself with Thai sticky sweets made by stirring rice, nuts, sesame seeds and sugar together. If you like home-grown vegetables, take a visit to Ruen Pak Kood where deep-fried flowers, Pak Kood salad, and sour sea bass soup are sold.