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Naan National Museum

Naan National Museum

Naan National Museum is a huge wooden building filled with all kinds of antiques and historical objects discovered in Naan province. It is one of the best examples of provincial museums with English labels for many items on display. Formerly the gilded house of Naan’s former governors and then the province’s city hall, the area is usually filled with couples cycling in the grounds and admiring the sweet and romantic evening ambience.

Nearby, is Hua Kuang temple with a wooden tripitaka hall decorated with colored glass and an exquisite late Lanna era chedi. The pyramid-shaped chedi of Payawad temple and Prataat Chae Hang, the guardian chedi of those who born in rabbit year according to Chinese astrology are two very famous attractions of the province that visitors should not miss. Rabbit dolls are generally offered to the chedi in hope of bringing fortune and prosperity.

Visiting in February is particularly recommended due to the annual Prataat Chae Hang fair, which includes many fun activities and interesting parades. October offers the annual boat racing, the biggest event of the province, and December is when the Red Cross fair takes place.

Popular souvenirs include local hand-woven fabric and traditional silverware. Golden orange, Mafai, and Huang Pee – dried local fruit – are very famous. Recommended souvenir shops are Krueng Chompoo Pooka Centre and Naan Handicraft on Naan-Payao Road.