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Museum Siam

Museum Siam

Endlessly stimulating creativity and innovation at Museum Siam.

Have you ever wondered who the people of Thailand are, where we are from, and what it is meant to be Thai? Try searching for answers to these questions on your own at the Museum Siam. This latest learning centre can help trigger your curiosity and lead you to countless discoveries.

Museum Siam is housed in the former building of the Ministry of Commerce in Tha Tien district, and after a complete transformation it now a modern museum. Within the vast area of 3,000 square meters, there are exhibitions about the history of our race, the founding of the nation and so on, awaiting the visitor to define the qualities of being Thais. You can travel through time from when this land was called Suvarnabhumi, then Siam and now Thailand in a timeline from ancient times to the present day.

Museum Siam reveals a brand new experience of museum attending. Traditionally museums in Thailand have been considered boring and dull. However, using modern presentations and multimedia, such as models, animations, and exhibits, help integrate all round aspects of knowledge, including history, geography, and natural sciences. The exhibitions here focus on interaction with visitors.

In addition to permanent displays, there are presentations of temporary displays offering a variety of interesting themes and issues. Ultimately, the main purpose is to combine a thought-provoking venue and recreation complex for people of all ages. This is one museum in Thailand that is no longer presents museums as a storage place for antiques or obsolete data as they often used to be.