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Morakot Cave, Mook Island, Trang

Morakot Cave, Mook Island, Trang

Morakot cave is a hidden treasure waited to be explored. Visitors have to swim to the entrance and discover a big chamber without a ceiling so the sunlight can shed inside this cave. The beauty that the visitors can witness inside the cave is white delicate sand with an emerald colored sea.

It takes around thirty minutes to travel from Kuan Toong Ku ferry landing to Koh Mook. The ferry will take visitors to the entrance of the cave where there is a small hollow that only small boats can enter during the ebb tide time. Tourists have to wear life vests and swim across to the other side of the cave which is 80 meters long. The tour guides have to check the daily ebb tide before bringing visitors inside.

The other side of the cave is a white delicate sandy beach with many rare trees. If the weather is nice, the sun will shine through the trees and reflect on white sand.

Morakot cave is compared to an emerald of the Andaman Sea. There is also Farang beach waiting for tourists to visit. Here you can also see other nearby islands and watch the sunset.

How to get there

Morakot cave is at Koh Mook, the third biggest island of the Trang Sea after Koh Libong and Koh Sukorn. This island is nine kilometers from Kuang Toong Ku ferry landing. There are two ferry landings to get to the island; Pak Meng and Kuan Toong Ku ferry landings. If tourists wish to hire a boat, they can hire a long-tailed one at Pak Meng ferry landing. On the other hand, tourists can also choose the ferry service at Tuan Koong Ku landing where there is a ferry service three times a day. It takes around thirty minutes to Sapanyao ferry landing at the entrance to Koh Mook. Visitors can also choose a one-day package tour including Morakot cave. The best time to visit is from November to April.