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Lumpaya Floating Market

Lumpaya Floating Market

At Lumpaya floating market, the atmosphere of the riverbank lifestyle charms everyone who visits. Savory food, desserts, fresh fruits and vegetables are offered by friendly merchants with an original Thai smile. Here you can visit the 6-door Buddhist monastery (Boat-Hok-Pratoo), the only monastery in Thailand that has as many as 6 doors, and the local museum of Lumpaya temple where antique objects are kept and the admission is free.

Enjoy your day trip by getting in a paddleboat and admiring the view of old houses and ways of life. It is recommended that visitors buy some food and snacks in advance before the boat trip since it takes almost all day to visit Sookwattanaram temple, the fish market, and the shrine of the goddess Tubtim. In the winter, around November – December, thousands of Asian Openbill storks can be seen floating on the water.

Lumpaya floating market is located at Lumpaya Temple, Lumpaya, Bang Lane, Nakorn Pathom, and is open to visitors all day long every weekend and on official holidays.